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Faire Heart

Floral Letter Craft Kit

Floral Letter Craft Kit

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What: DIY Craft Kit Floral Letter(s) - supplies* included! Letters are 10" tall and made from 1/8" MDF. We can make just about ANY size or material, so please contact us if you would like something different! 

(*supplies include up to 3 paint colors, sponge brush, sponge, and glue. You can pick your colors when you pick up your kit!)

Pickup Location:  our Centre at 3408 W US-10 in Ludington. (Next to Erin Doan State Farm, and Muffler Man.) Please check our current OPEN hours, or call/text Sarah at (231) 510-2528 for a different pickup time. 

HOW TO ORDERSince we offer a discount when you purchase more than one, or five or more letters, please decided which price point you should use, and then adjust the quantity to the number of letters you want. Example, if you want three letters, then select the "more than two ($12)" price, and add three of those to your cart, with a total of $36. If you want six letters, then choose the "five or more ($10)" price, and add six of those to your cart, with a total of $60. 

CUSTOMIZE which letter(s) you order by typing in the box below. Separate individual letters with a comma, or spell out a whole name if that's what you are ordering.

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