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Faire Heart

Faire Heart Makers Membership (monthly)

Faire Heart Makers Membership (monthly)

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Become one of the FIRST Faire Heart MAKERs! Our monthly private membership offers many benefits, especially if you are a local to the Ludington area (not required to become a can join us virtually from anywhere in the United States!)

Monthly Benefits include:

  1. Access to our entire catalog of recorded painting tutorials, accessible 24/7 inside our private Facebook group! (We are working on a members-only website that would provide this benefit without having to be on Facebook...stay tuned!)
  2. One NEW painting tutorial posted inside the Facebook group each month
  3. Be a part of the Makers community! Make friends, find support and encouragement with like-minded people also part of the Makers community!
  4. Get 10% off Faire Heart products, kits, and services! 
  5. Locals: Drop-in fee waived at our local drop-in locations for you and a "plus one" $10 each time you visit to make a project, and bring someone along for your "plus one" to save them the drop-in fee too! Our drop-in fee covers the use of our space, paint and materials, tools, and cleanup. 

By becoming a member, you will lock-in the monthly price you pay now, so that it never raises as long as you remain an active member! If you cancel your subscription, you will have to re-enter at the new current price. Prices will raise over time. 

Save $56 on an annual membership by paying for the entire year! 

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