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Drop-in Chunky Knitted Blanket Reservation

Drop-in Chunky Knitted Blanket Reservation

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Want to make a chunky blanket, but class dates might not work for you? You can now reserve your yarn ahead of time, and make a reservation to make a blanket during our drop-in hours! By pre-registering, you won't have to pay our drop-in fee, just the $30 balance due to make a blanket. Pre-register with your colors at least 3 weeks ahead of when you would like to make it, to guarantee your colors. If you're flexible on color choices, less time is needed, and you can even pick colors based on our available inventory (sometimes, that's very limited as we don't usually keep much extra inventory on-hand)

What: Chunky-Knitted Blanket Drop-in Project. Beginner-friendly!

When: During our open hours. Please see our main page for current hours

Where: 3408 W US-10, Ludington, MI 49431.

PSST: this kind of knitting does not require needles, so it's very experience required! A perfect combination for a cozy and fun evening!

BLANKET SIZE: approx. 40x60 inches, although size ranges depending on how tightly the blanket was knitted.

You'll be guided step-by-step through the entire process.


Please put the date you (think) you would like to create your project during our OPEN hours in the text bar above, as well as (up to 3) color choices for yarn. We will contact you if there is any scheduling conflicts due to an event or other reservations, etc. Please only enter an upcoming date during or open hours, which can be found on the main page of our website, Google listing, and Facebook page. 
The workshop fee of $75 includes 6 skeins of chunky yarn and step-by-step instruction. NEW: You will pre-register with a $45 deposit, with the remaining $30 due when you drop-in. There are 18 total color options to choose from, pick UP TO THREE colors on the order page, then check out through our website. Your color choices will be equally divided. For example, if you choose black and ivory for your colors, you will get three black skeins, and three ivory skeins. If you choose three colors, you get two skeins of each. One color is all six skeins that color.
Due to supply chain issues, please keep in mind that some colors may not actually be available if our supplier is out of stock when we place our yarn order. If the color(s) you selected are no longer available, we will contact you for an alternative color choice.

NEW! You can now Bring Your Own Yarn, and just pay a $30 class fee! You MUST bring the CORRECT yarn in order to participate in the class. We use Jumbo size 7 chunky yarn. You can purchase this at Hobby Lobby (Yarn Bee "Eternal Bliss"), or Michaels (Bernat "BIG") NOTE: When placing your order, you will still be prompted to select a color. Pick any color - we won't be ordering it!

No refunds after 24 hours before the event. We can apply a credit towards a future event if you cannot make it after all, although you must reach out to us. Sorry, no-shows do not get a refund or credit.

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