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Faire Heart

Custom Car Cutout

Custom Car Cutout

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Just the Blanks, or Kit with Supplies?

 Perfect for ANY age car enthusiast! All pieces are cut in-house on 1/8" MDF. For different material options, please email us.

To color these FUN projects, use whatever you are most comfortable with! These wooden laser-cut projects work perfectly with colored pencils, markers (even kids washable markers are great!), or any type of acrylic or water-based paint. It's optional to seal the project with a clear brush-on or spray sealer. You can also attach a hanger to the back by gluing a piece of twine or ribbon to the middle. 

Please View the Product OPTIONS and instructions to be sure you get exactly what you want! 

Choose the size you want - either 10" or 4". 

Enter the  Make/Model/Year in the custom text box so we know what car to cut out for you!

- Just the "Blank": Does not include any supplies needed to complete the project. This is perfect for you if you already have paint supplies at home that you can use!

- Kit (+$3): Includes the supplies you need to paint and assemble your project to completion. Paint brush, sponge, and paint colors include a half ounce each of the basics (white, black, and primary colors red, yellow, and blue). A color mixing sheet is included in your order. For additional paint colors, please select the color you would like and add it to your order here

The 4" size is great for large magnets, or ornaments if you carefully drill a hole into the top part. 

Cars Pictured: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Ford F-150 Raptor, Pontiac GTO "The Judge"

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