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DIY Collector / Matchbox Car Rack

DIY Collector / Matchbox Car Rack

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Just the Blanks, or Kit with Supplies?
Fully Assembled, or Loose Pieces?

 Perfect for matchbox car collectors! Display your favorite cars and stack up to 10 models on one of these racks. All pieces are cut in-house on 1/4" sanded plywood.

Please View the Product OPTIONS to be sure you get exactly what you want! 

- Blank Project Pieces($18 non-assembled): The unfinished loose pieces, not including any supplies needed to complete the project. This is perfect for you if you already have paint/glue/supplies at home that you can use!

- Kit ($25 non-assembled): Includes the supplies you need to paint and assemble your project to completion. 

Choose whether you want us to assemble it (+ $3), or if you just want the loose pieces that you can glue together yourself (this is more hands-on)

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