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Aluminum Lake Sign

Aluminum Lake Sign

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These Aluminum Lake signs are machined and painted in house by the A.D. Ventures Workshop (a Faire Heart Company), the same team that operates the woods-shop at our Faire Heart Studio location!

A.D Ventures will accommodate any lake design requests and will communicate extensively to achieve your vision!

Signs are painted with enamel based paint that will withstand the elements and are hardy enough to withstand any lake winds!

Dimensions / Material:                                                                                                                       16"W x 16"T x 1/8th Thick Plate Aluminum

Paint Base:                                                                                                                                  Black Enamel

Process: Each sign is custom ordered to be unique for you and your family!               The process couldn't be easier, upon placing the deposit for your custom sign, the team over at A.D. Ventures will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure your vision comes out just the way you like with steps that include:                            Lake Design, Font Type, Final Proofing

We will contact after purchase to get started with your sign!

Base Cost: $200

Other Design Elements can be added for additional costs such as Anchors, Nautical Compass and many more!

Thank You for shopping small and shopping local❤️

Disclamer: Deposit is Non-Refundable after final proof / once work has commenced.

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