3 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy Home Decor from Big Box Stores

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Buy Home Decor from Big Box Stores

We've all been to a Target or Hobby Lobby, casually walking along and then see a super cute or funny sign that would look great in our homes. Although tempting to purchase on the spot (especially with a 40% off sign, let's be real here), did you know that there are much better options? Check out the reasons below as to why you should resist making that purchase, and what you should do instead!
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1) Made in China

1) Most all of the products you can purchase at big stores like Aldi, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target, etc, are made in China or another country across the globe, using materials that will not last. These porch leaner signs that I came across at Aldi might last a couple of years in an outdoor setting, because it's made from MDF board, not real wood. When you shop for products like this, your dollars are not being kept in our own country. It's being used on corporate entities that don't even have a hand on making the product.

2) Factory made

Most home decor products are created with factory machines, or by underpaid factory workers. On the flip side, there are thousands of home-based crafters and small businesses around the country who make beautiful home decor items that are sustainable, and will last a lifetime. Each of these makers take their own time to create their products, and immediately benefit from every sale by having it support their small business or operation. Your dollars stay within the USA and directly impacts the life of another person or family, sometimes even multiple families! The more sales these small businesses make, the more job opportunities become available in those cities due to the growth of the business and need to hire help. 

3) Don't buy the same decor as the lady next door

About 100,000 other people around the world have the EXACT same home decor piece. Alternatively, when you purchase from a small business owner or home-based artist/crafter, every piece is a little different! Even if the same design and colors were used, it was hand-made, so it's never exactly the same. For example, this beautiful wooden sign was customized to our customer's request.

Most artists and makers offer customizable options where you can choose the colors, add custom text, or even pick your own font or design. At Faire Heart, we even offer the option for you to make your own project! You can order a finished product from us to make for you, or we can provide you with the "kit" which includes the base elements, plus all the supplies and instructions needed to create it. You can make it right from home, or you can create it as a drop-in project at our Faire Heart Centre location!